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 ExcellentSuit.com LTD: Part custom tailors News

The best quality new arrival for custom tailor a high class people
New super 120s-150s england and italy cashmere wool fabrics

Excellence Quality fabrics
For President and Chairman custom tailored make Suits Collection with Great price Package Deal

Number one & High class of fabrics
Check out New for President and Chairman's custom tailored made Suit's be excellent Fabrics



Our Customers Testimonials
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*****Excellent suit Mens custom tailored suits Made-to-measure and we can provide all kinds of design suits & shirts and by S,M,L, XL, US size, custom tailored made suits start $129 in fine Garberdine wool silkĀ and $145 for super 180s cashmere wool blend England new fabric an excellent price for you now and real Royal oxford,cotton blend shirt $19 A top once base in Bangkok Thailand 's finest custom tailors suits invites you to Discover Affordable Elegance.at Excellentsuit.com part Ltd. company label has been one of the most respected names in men's & womens custom tailored suits, identified with superior fabrics, meticulous hand tailoring for suits, and good quality that is becoming harder and harder to find. Get personal service from our Master tailors and designer,Mr. Sahasomkid Pengpard, who has over 45 years experience in custom tailoring of world fashion and all of clothing style. for men's and women's custom tailors. We are a full service custom tailored hand made suits and provide a complete wardrobe planning service according to your career, business and Casual suits men's suits & We are custom tailors made all fashion for men's formalwear suit,men's suits,men's groom suit,women's wedding suits,Men's tuxedo suits,men's tuxedo long tails suit,women,s tuxedo long tails suit,available with matching waistcoat by Master tailors suits,custom wedding women,s suits. custom men's groom suits,male wedding suits and female wedding suit,groom's suits, Formalwear suits,custom tailor blezer jackets and you can have a suit custom tailored made an expressly for you. & your lovers.and some part of our profit we are donation to Children's Hospital Wisdom human and Foundation gratitude coffin, a relative.



  INTERNET EXPLORE TRUE BESPOKE CUSTOM TAILORING and We specialize in sharply cut suits, shirts, jackets, and pants, as well as tuxedos and overcoats,suits designer..
If you you have more question please email or calling us. Thank you very much

""Dear Sahasomkid I have received the suits yesterday and your Job is excellent quality like your brand Name and a perfect fitting tailor. I will order more in one week. Thank you.Dale H.Vanderwal. Niagara Shore. Tonawanda,NY 14150 USA.Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:22:05 -0400 To my tailor: Would you please let me know how much a suit made out of the avery nice wool / cashmere material in a Grey with stripe would be. The 4 button suit with vest as you made before ? Style: Four Button suit with double vent back sides and Ticket pocket ? Vest: Six Button with lapels ? Fabric: Super fine 150 Wool and Cashmere # 1137-03 ? Color: Grey with chalk stripe ? Requests: Pants Pleats: three pleats, Strait leg (no cuffs), Working Buttons on Sleeves.Regards Dale Vanderwal Saturday, October 15, 2005 6:31 AM Received Suit today. It is very nice. Thanks Subject: New 3 piece Suit and addtional vest Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 21:37:41 -0400 The 4 button suit with 8 button double breasted vest as you made before ? Style: Four Button suit with double vent back sides and Ticket pocket ? Vest: Eight Button double breasted Vest (4 to use) with lapels ? Fabric: Super fine 120 Wool and Cashmere merino cashmere blue wide stripe ? Color: Navy Blue wit chalk stripe ? Requests: Pants Pleats: three pleats, Strait leg (no cuffs), working buttons on sleeves

"Dear Sahasomkid Phengpard; I just received the package two days ago, and everything is beautiful, as always. I am thrilled with the fit of my new skirts. They are perfect. Thanks so much for all your wonderful attention to detail. Mary Martin, Lake Avenue #2706,Lakewood,OH,44107 USA. "

"Hi Sahasomkid This is my first experience buying clothing on line as well as my first time using an oversea merchant. I am surprised by the superb customer service this company provided. I would recommend the company to my friends and family. The suit I received fits very well. It is a very well made and quality suit.Thanks. Carl Smith. S. Shardow Street. Quincy,FL 32351.USA."

" Hello My friend I like to do business with you and You we' fulfilled EVERYTHING i ASKED you-it came out beautiful for my suits and my clients suits-and I so respect your kindness, care and concern, and dedication-I will never forget and I will have the other order for my new customers soon. Thanks a lot. Mr. Ralph Walker/ Stone Designwerks. willis& Walker co. Allenbrook Lane, Roswell, Georgia 30075 USA."

"Dear Sahasomkid: If I were in Bangkok I would hug you and kiss you. The suit is absolutely wonderful! I knew you would do a good job, but you literally did a marvelous job. You are the greatest! The jacket is great! The pants are perfect! The vest makes me want to wear the suit without the jacket. I am attending a conference next week. I will be showing your fabric. I hope I can sell 20 - 50 suits. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being so good. I can't wait to wear it and Just so you will know I have cancelled all my business arrangements with the other tailors. From now on I am going to deal with you only. I trust your quality and I always know that your work is going to be great for my clients. Frank E.Johnson. Lark View Dr. SW. Lilburn,Georgia 30047 USA."

"Good morning sahasomkid the suits arrived on time yesterday-they are fantastic-just beautiful-you did a spectacular job-I forgot how wonderful the thai silk felt-my sincere thanks to you. Elizabeth A.Maxwell-Garner.Childs Road.East Hampton,CT 064241709.USA."

"Thank you for excellent Job, I am your customer forever. Nigel sheriden. Station Road.Stallingborough, DN41 8AP. United Kingdom."

"I love having pants fitted just for me; the fit is impeccable and the fabric selection is exquisite. My Excellentsuit.com custom tailor clothes give me confidence that I am looking my best! Thank you for your service.James P. Edwards lll. Silver Lake Road. Hollis, NH 0349 USA."

"I Just received the overcoat to day.Your fabrics are excellent. They hold well when I give my shirts to the commercial laundry. My buttons used to break all the time but not anymore. Thank you very much. Martin Payne. Longmeadow Drive. Sedgley, West Midlands, England UK."

"I just received my suits and they fit well. I like the detailed tailors because they make the suits look excellent. Thank you. Robert campmael. Pied Bull Cort Bury Place London UK."

"I have received my suits and they fit well. I like the detailed tailoring because they make the suits look excellent. Your service is excellent and workmanship superior. I have bought other custom tailored suits and shirts of higher price than yours but they are half good as yours. Thanks Mr.Nigel Sheriden.Station Road, Stallingborough,Grimsby, dn41 8AP. England."

" Dear Sahasomkid Phengpard, The grooms suits set are look very good and tried them on. Great fit! Thank you for the excellent serviceYes, you have our permission to use these photos on your website. Please let me know when you have done this.With best wishes,Mr. Noel Johnson. Eley Road. Blackburn South, Victoria 3130 Australa."

" Hi Mr.Phengpard My regards to you and your family. Thank you again for the fine quality of your clothing for my Wedding party and for my freinds. Mr. David Rose,Nigel Rose, Mike Skinner,Kim Sanderson,Alan Mathewson,,Dan Memullan,Amit Sion. Po. Box Ormond, Vic. 3204 Australia."

"Hi Sahasomkid,The suits have arrived and are all fantastic, so I want to say a very big thank you and well done for such a great set of clothes! Yes, I would like to buy 3 pairs more of 100% cotton chinos and 3 pairs of 100% cotton shorts more. Yes, the clothes fitted perfectly thank you! Please can the shorts be 19 inch in length (from top of waist to bottom of hem) So yes, 3 chino trousers and 3 chino shorts. For the chinos, the colours I would like are: Oliver Mankowski, A, Church Street,County Durham,DH1 3DG, United Kingdom.Cheers, Oliver."

"Hi good day.Excellent service everything promised was delivered.and suggestions are the beginning of great service and a custom made look.Quality, value, comfort and style that is why I buy business attire exclusively from Excellesuit.com custom tailored.Graham Henry. Adam Ct Gladston Park, Victoria 3043 Australia."


EXCELLENT SUIT START $129 FASHION FOR WOMEN'S-MEN'S BESPOKE CUSTOM TAILORING suits and Shirt $19 the best Italors on online made to measure and order your beautiful new suits online at Excellentsuit.com,We specialize in sharply cut suits, shirts, jackets, and pants, as well as tuxedos and overcoats. all clothing online to the world class Base in Bangkok Thailand.
We can design on your favorites us-USA, Japan, UK-British, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,Germany,Italy,china,Hongkong,Singapore,Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland,Islands, Swaziland, Sweden,Spanish, Danish, Vietnam, Swedish , Switzerland, , Finland, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Taiwan, Hongkong, Scotland, Russia, Holland Style.for Ladies & Gentleman and all of fashion and great of professional designer in this this custom tailor shop and Thank you all the suporter.


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