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  Located in downtown Bangkok, ExcellentSuit.com is perfectly situated to offer you the best quality products at the lowest possible price. If you have any questions regarding your request or about our company please feel free to use any of the below contact methods to reach our executives.

*Once of the best offer to you from Excellentsuit..com LTD; Part. Custom tailor is 100% responding. -- If you are existing customer or would you like to send one of your best fitting suit,We can use your existing measurements or would be happy to take measurement directly from your sample suit. --If you are not absolutely delighted with our quality of workmanship that your purchase, you may return it and you will receive a full refund.
EMAIL OUR MANAGING DIRECTOR :And( The Owner of the shop) Mr. Sahasomkid Phengpard  
  Telephone & Facsimile Mathode (66 is the country code for Thailand, and 02 is the Bangkok city code) :
  International Tel :
Call From USA. :
House & Public Phone in Bangkok:
Fax From USA:
Hotline Mobile :
(011) 66-2-2483740
(662 248-3740)
( From USA Dial +011-66-2-246-8133
Interantional Hotline Tel:+66-81-828-3814 And In Bkk Thailand Hotline Tel: 081-828-3814
  MAILING ADDRESS BELOW: And Please reading carfully to understood and saving your money about import duty fee tax here Bkk Thailand because they are don't know about your suit sample is was uses or uses clothes shirt and They are think is a new suits that you have send to our shop for selling that Why we have to pay the customs duty tax at the Airport.so if you are really want to send the suit or clothes Sample to our shop to duplicate size and also or your own Fabrics to custom tailoring make the beautiful new suits, Shirts, Pants for you(description details)that (1) LABEL IT USED CLOTHES FOR SAMPLE.(2)PUT DOWN VALUE NOT OVER $4 (OTHERWISE TAXABLE 65% OF CLAIMED VALUE).if you have any more question Please let us know first because some of our clients don't know about import customs duty tax rule here Bangkok Thailand well.and put too much value because when we are receiving your suits sample and we have to pay a lot of money to the customs duty tax and it's like we are importing new suits from you to Thailand ( Otherwise Taxable at 60% of Claimed Value) please put a lowest of your uses suit sample about $ 4 value enough and this Value details that We don't have to paying customs duty Tax and If we have to pay to the customs duty Tax it is will be add to your cost and if we have to pay we will trying to pay and less as possible to save our clients money because the money we are paid is will be your cost.and if you would like to get more information. please email to us first then we will give you more information to you that how to send us your own clothes or fabric to our shop in chearpest way because we are need to helping and save your money then we can making the beautiful suits or clothing for you and we are both happy. Thank you very much for advance to us our service
  Mr.Sahasomkid Phengpard
ExcellentSuit.com LTD.,PART
2508/477 Dindaeng Rd, Dindaeng
Bangkok, Thailand 10400
  MAP :
  If you are planning on visiting Bangkok let us know and we would be happy to take you on a tour of our factory and select your suit in person.

A Tradition of Fine Custom Tailor made suit great quality base in Bangkok Thailand

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ExcellentSuit.com LTD.,PART  2508/477 Dindaeng Rd, Dindaeng Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Hotline+66 081 8283814 Office Tel. (662) 248 3740,(662) 246 8133 (66 is the country code for Thailand, and 02 is the Bangkok city code)  Email : sahasomkid@excellentsuit.com, sahasomkid@hotmail.com

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